Mandisa Opens Up About Her Battle with Depression and Anxiety in New Book “Out of the Dark”

Christian musician Mandisa is known among fans as the optimistic, bright-smiling singer whose hope-filled songs brighten your day.

But as she writes in her new book, Out of the Dark, Mandisa has quietly battled depression and anxiety. Her descent into inner darkness grew worse, she writes, when a close friend died of cancer. That friend was the subject of the 2013 song Overcomer.

The tragedy led Mandisa to a dark valley from about 2014 to 2016, she writes. She even contemplated suicide. That period, though, wasn’t the only time she’s fought through thoughts and feelings of darkness.

“I don’t think I even realized this until I sat down to write this book that I can actually see different seasons throughout my life when I struggled with it,” she told Christian Headlines. “… You can walk through the valley with God into a place of healing, but when you try to do it without Him, it’s not been successful in my experience.”

Mandisa hopes her new book inspires other Christians to talk openly about their own mental health struggles – and to get help.

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines, Michael Foust