Arkansas Judge Joseph Wood, Left in a Shoebox as a Newborn, Discovers His Birth Parents After Fox News Interview

Joseph Wood, a county judge in Arkansas, said in the interview that he struggled throughout his youth with issues of identity and always questioned where he came from. Facebook

A county judge in Arkansas found his birth parents after an interview with Fox News Digital about his journey from a Chicago orphanage to his state’s 2022 race for lieutenant governor.

Joseph Wood, a Chicago native who now serves as county judge of Washington County, Arkansas, commemorated National Adoption Month in November by taking his lengthy search for his biological parents public.

As he explained to Fox News, Wood spent the first 10 years of his life being shuffled through foster homes before he was adopted. He struggled profoundly throughout his youth with issues of identity and always questioned where he came from.

When Illinois made it possible in 2010 for adult adoptees in the state to apply for their original birth certificates, Wood discovered that his earliest record was a foundling certificate, which indicated he had been abandoned as an infant.

He learned he had been left swaddled in a shoebox in front of an apartment building March 20, 1965, which he had always thought was his birthday.

‘A race against time’

CeCe Moore, a prominent genetic genealogist who specializes in cold cases, reached out to Wood on Thanksgiving after his story garnered media attention from Fox News and other outlets.

Explaining how she has been doing extensive work regarding foundlings for a decade, Moore told Fox News Digital that such cases are “very special, because there is no way to resolve those cases through records.”

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SOURCE: New York Post; Fox News, Jon Brown