Coronavirus Pandemic Caused Black and Latino Students to Cancel Their College Plans More Than Any Other Group

Photo: Litvinov (Shutterstock)

The coronavirus pandemic ruined everyone’s future plans, especially prospective college students who might have been the most severely affected. But more than anyone, Black and Latino college students disproportionately canceled their plans to pursue a degree at a college or university, all because of COVID-19, according to a study.

In a report by the Latino Policy & Politics Initiative at UCLA, almost a third of Black and Latino students had their plans ruined to pursue post-secondary education at a rate a lot higher than white students.

The report used data from the Census Bureau to analyze and try to understand how the coronavirus pandemic affected (and still is) households across the country. During the peak of the pandemic in 2020, before vaccines were readily available, 11% of Latino students planned to cancel their plans for college in the Fall of 2021. Black students were 10% more to cancel their college plans. Only 6.4 percent of the total population canceled their postsecondary education plans, according to the study.

But if you’re thinking, “things got better when the vaccine came along right?” you would be mistaken.

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SOURCE: The Root, Noah A. McGee