More Than 300 Dogs Die of Hunger and Thirst in Ukraine Animal Shelter

Shelter animals are also suffering the consequences of the war in Ukraine. This week, volunteers at a shelter outside Kyiv, the capital, found more than 250 malnourished dogs that had survived weeks without food or water but also more than 300 that had starved to death. (Rodrigo Abd/AP)

More than 300 dogs were discovered dead in a Ukrainian animal shelter after weeks without food or water, an animal charity said on Tuesday.

Volunteers with UAnimals, who returned to the Borodyanka shelter outside Kyiv, the capital, said the dogs were forced to starve to death by Russian troops who had left them trapped in cages for nearly a month amid constant bombings.

“With the shelter increasingly inaccessible due to the conflict, sadly many of the dogs perished,” Wendy Higgins, director of international media for Humane Society International, told NPR in an email.

Higgins said the organization is working with local groups and volunteers, including UAnimals, to relocate the surviving animals.

“Now that Russian troops have withdrawn from the area and the shelter has finally become accessible by volunteers, the Ukraine Small Animal Veterinary Association has been able to confirm that 253 dogs were found alive,” she added.

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SOURCE: NPR, Vanessa Romo