Muslims in the Middle East Hear God’s Voice in Dreams

In a refugee’s discussions with a local missionary in a Middle Eastern country, the Muslim from Syria insisted that the Bible was corrupted by changes over the centuries – but then he had a dream that both excited and horrified him.

In the five years that local missionaries provided aid to people in his refugee camp, Zainab* often asked why Christians would bother to help Muslims. The workers would reply that God Himself was helping them through the Christians, leading Zainab to ask them questions about Christ.

When the discussions recently turned toward Scripture, Zainab raised the common Islamist reproach that the Bible was corrupted.

“He insisted that the Bible had been changed, but I refuted what he said with verses in the Koran,” the local ministry leader said. “He was very surprised that I was so knowledgeable and equipped about the Koran.”

“He insisted that the Bible had been changed, but I refuted what he said with verses in the Koran.”

At the same time, Zainab frequently thanked the workers for being the only ones who provided aid to the refugees at the makeshift camp. Having experienced Christ’s love from the local workers, Zainab was eager to tell the ministry leader about his dream.

“He called me last week and said he’d had a dream,” the leader said. “When I asked him what he saw, he said that through a beam of light he saw Him say, ‘I’m your Father, listen to my sons – they will bring you to Me.’ He said he woke up in horror and excitement.”

Though mortified by the admonition to heed local Christian workers, Zainab was so excited to hear the Lord’s voice that he wanted to talk with the ministry leader.

“Today another worker and I went to the camp, and we took our Holy Book with us,” the ministry leader said. “After a long prayer for him, when we asked him how he felt, he said that a great burden had been lifted from him, and that he and his family had accepted Christ as their God and Savior.”

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission