Mob of Muslim Youths in Nigeria Demand Police Release Two Suspects After Christian Student Was Stoned and Burned to Death After Being Accused of Blasphemy

Christian Student Deborah Yakubu was murdered by an angry mob in Sokoto state, northwestern Nigeria, for supposedly blaspheming

Hundreds of people in Nigeria’s northwestern city of Sokoto demonstrated Saturday over the arrest of two students following the murder of a Christian student accused of blasphemy, residents said.

In the early morning of Saturday, Muslim youths took to the streets of the city, lighting bonfires and demanding the release of the two detained suspects despite the earlier deployment of policemen to maintain order, residents said.

The irate mob retreated downtown where they attempted to loot shops belonging to Christian residents but were dispersed by security patrol teams, said another resident.

Student Deborah Samuel was killed by a mob in northern Nigeria who stoned, beat and set fire to her for a voice note that they considered to be blasphemous against the Prophet Muhammad.

The angry mob pulled Deborah out of a security room she was hiding in at the Shehu Shagari school in Sokoto, northwestern Nigeria, and carried out the horrific killing, according to police.

Days earlier, Deborah, who is Christian, had left a voice note in her class WhatsApp group complaining that there were too many religious posts in a group intended for academic updates.

According to a translation, she said: ‘The group is not created for sending nonsense things.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Walter Finch