SBC Report Reveals 44 Women Accused Jacksonville Pastor Darrell Gilyard of Sexual Misconduct – Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International Calls on Darrell Gilyard to Resign From Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida Immediately and Resign From the Ministry Permanently

Pastor Cited in Southern Baptist Convention Report on Abuse Worked at Churches in Oak Cliff, Texas, Garland, Texas, and Richardson, Texas

A Florida pastor who was cited in a Southern Baptist Convention investigative report worked at churches in Oak Cliff and the Dallas suburbs of Richardson and Garland.

Jacksonville pastor Darrell Gilyard, who is a registered sex offender, spent the first and formative years of his preaching career in North Texas. Nearly everywhere he has preached, accusations of sexual abuse and misconduct have followed him, according to local media reports and investigations by The Dallas Morning News and The Houston Chronicle dating back to the 90′s.

Gilyard was also the mentee of prominent SBC leader Paige Patterson, who was aware of allegations against Gilyard back in the 90′s.

Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention — America’s largest Protestant denomination — stonewalled and vilified survivors of clergy sex abuse for two decades while trying to protect their own reputations, according to a bombshell 288-page investigative report released on Sunday.

Sexual abuse allegations and criminal charges aren’t new to the SBC: a 2019 investigation by The Houston Chronicle and The San Antonio Express-News found that hundreds of SBC church leaders and volunteers have been criminally charged with sex crimes in the last two decades. The Dallas Morning News has also written about allegations against Gilyard since the 1990′s.

Here’s a timeline of preacher Darrell Gilyard’s time and sexual abuse allegations in North Texas, and what followed after he left.

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Source: Dallas Morning News

SBC Report Reveals 44 Women Accused Jacksonville Pastor Darrell Gilyard of Sexual Misconduct

Just days ago, the Southern Baptist Convention released a report documenting an allegation of sexual misconduct at a local church in Jacksonville.

Digging deeper into the report, Action News Jax learned many more women reported sexual misconduct allegations against one man, Darrell Gilyard.

According to the SBC report, 44 women say they were victims of “sexually inappropriate conduct” by Gilyard.

Action News Jax reached out to Tiffany Thigpen to get her reaction on these claims.

According to the report, in the 1990s Gilyard attempted to rape Thigpen at a church revival meeting held at First Baptist Church Jacksonville.

At the time, Gilyard was at First Baptist Church mentoring others under former First Baptist Church pastor Jerry Vines.

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SOURCE: Action News Jax, Nick Gibson

Darrell Gilyard, Who Admitted to Molesting 2 Girls and Was Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison in 2009 Is Still a Pastor at Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and You Wonder Why God’s People and the World Are Still in the Coronavirus Plague and Facing World War III. It’s Because of Insanity Like This.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man who once served time in prison for sex crimes has become the new pastor of Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Jacksonville, and some said they’re concerned that he’s leading the congregation.

The Rev. Darrell Gilyard admitted to molesting two girls and was sentenced to three years in prison in 2009 followed by probation. He’s currently a registered sex offender in the state of Florida.

Lynn Jones, an editor for the Jacksonville Free Press, said she received calls of concern about Gilyard being installed.

“Our phones were ringing off the hook,” Jones said. “Members of Mount Ararat — they were totally upset, and a lot of them are our subscribers.”

When he left prison in 2012, Gilyard first began preaching at Christ Missionary Tabernacle Baptist Church, which also made some upset.

After Gilyard became the new lead pastor at Mount Ararat Baptist Church, some people posted their concerns on the church’s Facebook page.

Tiffany Thigpen Kilgannon, who said she was a victim, wrote in short:

“…God doesn’t need predators in the pulpit, no matter how great a speaker or the truth of God’s word being spoken…”

She continued, “…Please keep your young girls and ladies safe. It is a painful thing to recover from, give them the gift of safety…”

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Source: News4Jax