Three Arizona Police Officers Put on Leave After They Watched Homeless Man Drown as He Called for Help

The 34-year-old (pictured) drowned while three police officers allegedly watched as he plead for their help

Three Tempe, Arizona police officers have been put on ‘non-disciplinary paid administrative leave’ amid an investigation into the death of a homeless man, who drowned while pleading for their help.

Newly released bodycam footage and a transcript of the incident show Sean Bickings, 34, jumped into Tempe Town Lake in Arizona on May 28 after a reported disturbance with his wife.

Bickings is seen getting into the water after officers arrived on the scene at 5am following reports of a physical altercation, which the couple denied.

While checking if the couple had any outstanding arrest warrants, Bickings climbed over a four-foot fence and jumped in the water.

He is heard saying: ‘I’m going to go for a swim. I’m free to go, right?’

The cops told the 34-year-old he was not allowed to enter the lake while standing on the other side of the fence, as he leaped in.

He is seen swimming away from the shore while one officer is heard saying: ‘How far do you think he is going to be able to swim?’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jack Newman