5.1 Magnitude Aftershock Strikes 26 Days After Earthquake Killed Thousands in Eastern Afghanistan

Afghanistan girls receive much needed supplies after another earthquake ravages the area. (Photo, caption courtesy of Global Catalytic Ministries)

Disaster strikes twice in eastern Afghanistan. A 5.1 magnitude aftershock hit Khost province 26 days after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake killed thousands. The remote location makes details hard to come by, but Monday’s tremor injured at least 44 people.

Reza* with Global Catalytic Ministries says the aftershock hit three kilometers from the June 22 quake.

“It’s raining there, and there’s no shelter. So [people] went back to the houses still standing [after the June 22 earthquake]. Then, there was an aftershock, and more people died,” Reza says.

GCM is working through a network of underground churches to help people survive. More about that here.

“The Taliban has been very gracious about help. Unfortunately, no one is helping. The team we have on the ground [is] saying there are no other people there,” Reza says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray believers will have continued access to the disaster zone. Pray the Taliban will not become suspicious of their activities.
  • Pray the Taliban will continue protecting and working with GCM contacts.