LIFE JACKET Reveals the True Stories Behind Refugee Statistics

(Photo courtesy of Fatan Faraj)

Refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria remain in limbo in Greece. At the same time, new arrivals from Ukraine stretch resources even thinner. More than 45,000 Ukrainian refugees have fled to Greece since February.

“They’re going through a lot; leaving their countries, and they didn’t want to leave in the first place,” MENA Leadership Center Communications Director Fatan Faraj says.

“They’re sitting in camps, not knowing what tomorrow holds. It’s this limbo of not knowing what’s next and, at the same time, not being treated like human beings.”

To reveal the people and stories behind the statistics, Faraj directed and produced a documentary called LIFE JACKET.

“It sheds light on the plight [of refugees]; what the refugees go through, how they were hoping to get to a safer place when they reached Moira camp, which is one of the worst,” she says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray believers in Greece find ways to communicate Christ’s love with refugees.
  • Pray God uses the hardships and uncertainty in refugees’ lives to reveal His hope.