Arabic-speaking Christians Study God’s Word in Secret

Image depicts an English-Arabic Bible. (Photo courtesy of Sara Calado/Unsplash)

More Majority Faith people are turning to Christ now than at any other time in modern history. The Program for Theological Education by Extension, or PTEE, helps these believers become leaders.

Getting theological training in places like the Middle East or North Africa is not always easy. PTEE leader Jacob* says, “In Syria, for instance, they don’t have any Bible colleges.”

Revealing your faith in this region can sometimes make you a target, especially when you come from a Majority Faith background. PTEE helps believers become leaders through “undercover” theological training.

Self-study and local learning groups make the material easier to access and retain. “In our culture here, people [who] want to learn [will] look for a teacher because this is the system,” Jacob says.

“We wanted to change this kind of culture [so] that the student can study by himself, can teach himself.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray the Lord will raise up workers to answer PTEE’s need for qualified coursework developers.