China Partner Launches Virtual Pastor Training Project

Photo courtesy of China partner.

The ministry China Partner has launched a new Virtual Pastor Training Project.

Erik Burklin says, “Many individuals, pastors, and church leaders who we know in the West are volunteering their time and efforts to be recorded. They record their training, and we upload them onto a secure website we’ve created this year. Then the church pastors in China can download it at any time, they can save it on their computers.”

“Then they can make recordings of it, or pass it on to other lay pastors.” 

Pray this project will equip church leaders across China.

God continues to work in the country. Burklin recently spoke to a pastor who works as a professor. She says enrollment has increased at the Wuhan seminary.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Be encouraged by the Church in China.
  • Pray this project will equip church leaders across the country.