President of Peru Pedro Castillo Arrested After Trying to Dissolve Congress

Peru’s president, Pedro Castillo, tried to dissolve congress on Wednesday. Lawmakers called the move an attempted coup.

A whirlwind day

Brian Dennett with AMG International says, “The Congress responded by holding an emergency meeting and voting overwhelmingly to impeach him. This caused several hours of chaos. People picked up their children early at school, and businesses and offices closed. There was a run on grocery stores, much like we saw during the pandemic.”

All eyes watched the police and military, wondering who they would support. Very quickly, they sided with the lawmakers. Dennett says, “As soon as the Congress announced his impeachment, the president slipped out the back of the palace, most likely trying to escape to the Mexican embassy. He was immediately stuck in traffic, apprehended by the police, and taken to jail.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • As the government struggles, pray many Peruvians would find hope in Jesus.
  • Pray also for less corruption in Peru’s government in the future.